The Evans Coghill Guarantee

Every Evans Coghill has partnered with Environments for Living to offer our homeowners a very unique guarantee. While other builders promise their homes are energy efficient and comfortable. We guarantee it.

Evans Coghill through Environments for Living is able to offer the limited guarantee on energy used for heating and cooling your home because the combination of special framing techniques, improved insulation systems and efficient ductwork helps manage the energy you use to heat and cool your home. And, those same building techniques help ensure that you won't experience a comfort problem — for example, a bonus room or bedroom that never seems to get warm enough in winter or cool enough in summer.other. Other builders promise you energy efficiency and comfort in their homes, but Evans Coghill can guarantee it! An Environments for Living limited guarantee of energy efficiency and comfort is part of every new home by Evans Coghill Homes.  


Heating and Cooling Energy Use Limited Guarantee

Environments for Living, a service of Top Build Home Services, guarantees the original homeowner that the energy used to heat and cool the home (as calculated in the account analysis) will not exceed the guaranteed usage listed on the front of the limited guarantee, subject to the terms of the limited guarantee. Due variations in energy cost, the limited guarantee is for energy use and not for actual cost. Think of this guarantee being like a car manufacturer guaranteeing your mile per gallon, not just promising it. Which home would you rather have?

Comfort Limited Guarantee

TopBuild Home Services guarantees the original homeowner that the temperature at the location of the thermostat in the home will not vary more than +/- 3 degrees from the temperature at the center of any conditioned room within that thermostat zone. If the home has a room that does not meet this limited comfort guarantee, TopBuild Home Services will reasonably assist Evans Coghill Homes to identify the reason(s) for the temperature variance and reasonably coordinate with Evans Coghill Homes to make changes or modifications to your home. Isn't your family's comfort, really what this is all about? Are you williing to risk that?

Your Guarantee

The entire limited guarantee is here. It really is as good as it looks and like no other. Comfort and energy use is guaranteed with Environments for Living and Evans Coghill Homes.

Your guarantee certificate is created exclusively for your home at your location after analysis, modeling and testing of your new home. 

 Evans Coghill Homes Limited Comfort and Energy Use Guarantee


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