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How to incorporate the 2018 Color of the Year into your home décor

Categories: Colors | Posted: January 12, 2018 | Comments Off on How to incorporate the 2018 Color of the Year into your home décor

Pantone has officially crowned Ultra Violet as the 2018 Color of the Year, and it’s certainly a bold choice! Here are some tips for integrating this fashion forward color into your Evans Coghill new home design:

  • Set a tone. Colors can range from soft pastels to rich jewel tones to bright, primary shades. The key to using color well is that it should flow, not be a patchwork of conflicting tones. Before you choose something as bold as Ultra Violet, decide how (or if) it meshes with your current color palette or decorating scheme.
  • Don’t be afraid. If you really love a bold shade, go ahead and use it. Just figure out how much of it you are comfortable with. What level of intensity do you want? A whole room? One wall? An area rug, curtains or pillows? Wouldn’t this bedroom look great with Ultra Violet accent pillows or even flower vases?
  • Think smaller. Powder rooms are a great place to experiment with a bold color like Ultra Violet. Create your own little jewel box of a room with intensely hued walls or towels or other accessories.
  • Keep your home’s exterior quiet. Painting your home an attention-grabbing color like purple could make you the neighborhood pariah. If you really love this vibrant color, try painting your front door or incorporating it in your pots and plantings.
  • Create balance. If you choose a provocative palette, remember to ground the vibrant colors and balance them by adding a rich chocolate, black or peacock blue.

Now that you have some expert decorating tips, it’s time to go Ultra Violet!

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Color In the Eye of the Beholder

Categories: Colors, Designing with Jai, New Ideas For New Homes, Riverwalk | Posted: July 20, 2014 | Comments Off on Color In the Eye of the Beholder

“It’s just paint…” AND the common argument to calm the nerves and gain a commitment!

Riverwalk Model Home

Riverwalk Model Home Accent Color – Window Pane SW6210 Exterior Siding – Storm Cloud 6249 Parging Color – Backdrop SW7025 Exterior Siding – Jubilee SW6248 Exterior Trim – Rock Candy SW6231

However, if you have ever stared blankly at the palate of paint color chips or opted for the safe “white with black shutters” then you are in the 99th percentile.  Let’s face it, exterior home colors are challenging…these color selections can take you from cottage to classic to Caribbean all with a flip of the fan deck.

Layer on brick and stone selections, architectural details, the streetscape, neighborhood review boards and sunlight orientation and the simple decision becomes complex…

Can I get an amen?

Choosing a paint color for your home can seem complex.

This home feels right because the paint is lighter on the lower portion under the porch that naturally goes darker with the strong grounding weight in the gable.

Granted choosing paint is not brain surgery but it can certainly be a challenge that can cause the faint of heart to go with the tried and true.


First impressions set the tone for the space.  Casual or Formal, traditional or with personal flair, paint can impact you from first sight. Does the exterior blend with the environment or pop with whimsy? Do your color selections stay consistent with architectural style or add a 21st century element to freshen?

Riverwalk new home color pallette

The lower part of the home is Artichoke 6179 by Sherwin Williams. The upper part is slightly lighter with Clary Sage 6178. The front door is black.

One delight of my job is to select (or work with Home Owners to help select) exterior paint colors for their Evans Coghill Home.  Admittedly, it is not always easy…and sometimes I tweak an accent or front door color to reflect the personality of the home or family within that may not have been evident on first take.

Much is taken into consideration when I blend color selections…At Evans Coghill Homes, we use the Sherwin Williams paint experts to come up with good solid colors that don’t require customization.

Evans Coghill New Home Colors

Consider a bright front door color. It can be inviting to your guest and focus your eyes towards the door.

My process begins with a two dimensional black and white drawing of the front of the home that gives me a feel for the architectural elements and where I want to place emphasis.  For example, do the informal stone accents dictate earth tones or speak to a classic stately home?   Does the front porch and lap siding say farm house crisp or does the craftsman board and batten detail offer an opportunity for deeper traditional colors?

I then consider the adjacent homes and the streetscape.  Does the neighborhood style direct me to a family of colors that are “muddy or clear” in undertones?  I like BIG paint chips that I mix and match much like playing cards even taking them outside to be sure my desk light is not tinting the true color.  Fact:  Natural light often mutes a muddy color while a clear color can become more intense.

I look for balance.  Does the weight of the color “sit” in the right areas?  Are there dark areas that need lightening up?  Is the house grounded with the heavier colors giving the house a solid feel?  Does the trim blend with the home in a pleasing way…or does the trim outline the house?

Lastly, if I were standing on the street, would I want to go inside?  Is the home most welcoming in this color palate?

No doubt, color selection takes some ability to visualize color on the home but more and more paint companies are offering apps that aide in the process.  Allowing home owners to “color” pictures of your home so much of the guesswork is alleviated.

In the end…color and BEAUTY is in the eye of the beholder and what you like, your family may not but that is a good thing.  The ebb and flow of design allows everyone to contribute and in the end often makes for a better end product that suits many personalities.

Siding is Golden Fleece 6388 by Sherwin Williams. Front door is Thunderous 6201.

Siding is Golden Fleece 6388 by Sherwin Williams. Front door is Thunderous 6201.

Most importantly, our homes should make us feel good…comfortable and reflective of what we love. If you are interested in letting us build your new home, you can be sure that we will help you every step of the way from porches to plumbing to PAINT!



(Evans Coghill builds new homes in neighborhoods like Riverwalk, River Run, Cheval and Plaza Midwood. Some the neighborhoods have architectural restrictions which control exterior colors other don’t. We will help you find just the right color for your new home!)