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Create Your Dream Home in Our New Design Center

Categories: Design Tips | Posted: September 22, 2018 | Comments Off on Create Your Dream Home in Our New Design Center

Look closelyEvans Coghill Homes offers better plans for the way you live today, so you can have the abundant and gracious life you’ve always wanted. With sustainable, high-quality building materials, expert floor plans and designs, and a friendly, caring touch, our team constructs your dream home right before your eyes.Evans coghill Design Center

With our brand new Gracious Possibilities Design Center located right within our model home in McLean, your design process has never been easier or more fun. Come by to explore the wonderful Enhancements that are available to you — the possibilities are endless!

Throughout your journey of customizing your beautiful new home, you’ll work with Amy Alexander, our Interior Designer and professional guide. Amy, a native of Charlotte and founder of Ask Amy Interior Design, has been practicing residential and commercial design for over 25 years. After working in large architectural firms and completing high-profile design projects, including the renovation of the famous Drake hotel, Amy returned to her beloved hometown to start her own company.

When it comes to her work in our Gracious Possibilities Design Center, Amy believes that living environments should reflect a sense of balance and style. Through one-on-one service and thoughtful attention to detail, Amy ensures that every home speaks to a buyer’s unique lifestyle and personality.

In an Evans Coghill home, the concepts of simplicity and elegance are blended together to create Gracious Living. Your experience in our Gracious Possibilities Design Center involves 2 meeting sessions, each one lasting 2 hours, that results in a home that not only showcases your taste and style, but redefines what it means to feel at home. Here’s what you can look forward to in your sessions:

Step 1: Exterior. Create a color palette that expresses your unique identity.

Evans Coghill Design Center

Step 2: Appliances. Choose from many culinary enhancements that can be tailored to any chef.

Step 3: Cabinets and Countertops. Create the desirable look of your dream kitchen.

Step 4: Flooring. Design the entire aura of your home through various products.

Step 5: Interior Trim. Choose the perfect customization detail to personalize your home.

Step 6: Plumbing and Bath Accessories. It’s the small touches that make a home special.

Step 7: Lighting. Set the mood and illuminate your home with the ambiance of your choosing.Evans Coghill Design Center

Our team of experts is with you every step of the way to guarantee that your home is as you as possible. During your journey, take a look at our variety of Pinterest boards to help inspire your new home. Even

 better, these digital boards come to life in our design center and show you all of the opportunities at your fingertips.

It takes more than innovative design and top-notch expertise to make a house a home — a gracious living space is brought to life by a thoughtful homeowner like you. We can’t wait to work with you and watch as you fill your Evans Coghill home with heart.


Evans Coghill Homes is a Charlotte, NC new home builder, building new homes in Cheval, McLean, Belmont, NC and Nims Village, and Nims Village Ft Mill, SC. For information on these new home communities and our available homes, visit www.EvansCoghill.com.

Show Your New Home Some Love This Valentine’s Day

Categories: Design Tips, New Ideas For New Homes, Tips | Posted: February 9, 2018 | Comments Off on Show Your New Home Some Love This Valentine’s Day

Rose are red. Violets are blue. We’re feeling the love this month, and your home should too! From quality family time to romantic date nights and everything in between,  love is always in the air in your home! It’s the perfect time to take advantage of the Valentine’s Day sentiments filling stores, social media and TV to inspire your home decor. Check out these clever ideas to help you fall in love with your home all over again!

Set the Mood Lighting. Dimming the lights not only really sets the mood, but also saves you money and energy by extending the life of your bulbs. Good-looking AND smart: the complete package! Install dimmers or replace some lamps with lower watt bulbs in the rooms where mood lighting is most important (bedrooms, dining room, etc.). A couple of candles are also a quick and easy way to replace that harsh, unattractive lighting.

Leave Little Love Notes. Take a trip to your local arts & crafts store for some chalkboard paper or paint. Create a DIY table runner, small picture frames or wall art designed to leave little notes and compliments for your loved ones to make their day and bring some cute V-Day flare to your decor. You’ll have fun with these simple little projects and can use them all year long! Even better, you’ll love getting some messages of your own! 🙂

Buy it Something Nice. It’s ok to spoil your home a little this Valentine’s Day with something pretty! Your home loves beautiful flowers too ya know! Brighten up the kitchen with new floral centerpiece or swap out those old curtains you’ve had for a while. Maybe you had something a little bigger in mind like that gorgeous vintage dining room table or oriental rug that you’ve had your eye on. The best part about buying something nice for your home is that YOU get to reap the benefits!  

Add Some TLC with DIY Updates. Some simple updates are important to increasing your home’s value. Even if you’re not selling your home anytime soon, you’ll get to enjoy them until you do! Swap door pulls for more modern designs, paint your front door, replace the frameless bathroom mirrors, or swap out light fixtures and switches. These changes may seem minor, but they’ll really make a difference in how you see and feel about your home!

Let Music Fill the Air. It’s amazing how a little music can make any setting a whole lot more romantic.  Thanks to the wonders of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, it’s easier than ever to enjoy all your favorite love songs over a glass of wine in the kitchen, a romantic dinner in the dining room or even a relaxing soak in the tub! Between Google Home, Amazon Echo, Apple HomePod and more, you have your choice of technology to make it happen.  Learn more about these devices.

Give it a Spa Day. When’s the last time your home was treated to a deep cleanse? You know how good it feels to have a day devoted to your well-being, so imagine how you’ll feel by doing the same for your home? Don’t just grab the vacuum and focus on those carpets; hire a professional to give your whole home a thorough cleaning in time for your special Valentine’s Day plans.

Use these tips to make this Valentine’s Day one to remember, for both you AND your home. If you’re looking to make a move into a new home for you and the family, take a look at our available homes, ready for move-in today!

Evans Coghill Homes is a new home builder in the Charlotte, NC area, building new homes in RiverwalkSpringfield, and McLean.  For more information, please visit www.EvansCoghill.com.

Design Tips to Warm Up Your New Home as Temperatures Drop

Categories: Design Tips | Posted: February 2, 2018 | Comments Off on Design Tips to Warm Up Your New Home as Temperatures Drop

When winter weather brings frigid temps and snowy days (yes, even in Charlotte!), it’s a perfect time to appreciate the comfiness of your beautiful new home. But warmth doesn’t stop with insulation and thermostats. It goes beyond the way we build and construct our homes so they keep you warm. You can help contribute to the coziness of your home décor with these helpful tips!

  1. Lights are an obvious way to counteract the dark days of winter – whether it’s a chandelier with tons of bulbs, candles in the windows, or dramatic landscaping lights outside. They also help add some unique personality to your home.
  2. Pops of bright colors (cheery reds, springy greens, juicy oranges) can help chase the winter blahs away. Think pillows, throws or maybe an accent wall! Don’t be afraid to have fun with color. It’s an instant mood-lifter!
  3. Those Scandinavians are on to something! White doesn’t need to be a cool color… especially when paired with light woods and other rustic accents like brick or stone!
  4. Dress your home in layers! Velvety throw pillows & fuzzy blankets, fluffy rugs and glowing candles add tons of warmth. Think of how much warmer YOU feel when you layer sweaters and scarves and jackets… it’s the same with your home!
  5. Metallics like rose gold, copper and bronze help add the impression of warmth, especially if paired with pastels or earth tones.
  6. Natural wood floors and paneled walls create instant coziness. And natural accents, like potted plants, evergreens, pine cones and twigs, add warmth and a bit of the outdoors.   
  7. Textures are toasty. Look for knitted blankets, animal skin rugs, woven baskets, and squishy pillows. Anything that makes you feel soft and happy.
  8. Leather accents – a chair or an ottoman – add so much warmth to a room. Especially if tucked into a reading nook or quiet corner.

We hope these home decorating tips warm you up as we near the end of winter!

Evans Coghill Homes is a new home builder in the Charlotte, NC area, building new homes in RiverwalkCheval, and Springfield.  For more information, please visit www.evanscoghill.com.

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