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Keeping Our Trade Partners Safe With Stand Down For Safety

Categories: Good Info to Know | Posted: May 15, 2018 | Comments Off on Keeping Our Trade Partners Safe With Stand Down For Safety

Building the best possible home and meeting our homeowners’ expectations is so much of what Evans Coghill Homes is built around. There is, however, another more important part of building a great home that we believe in – everyone on the job site goes home safely everyday. Keeping everyone safe is very important to us. We are all a family building your family’s home and we need to keep the family safe.

On May 9, 2018, Evans Coghill Homes hosted a Stand Down for Safety event in Belmont’s McLean neighborhood focusing on fall protection safety. In the construction industry, many new employees are relatively undertrained, and we believe it is extremely important to provide safety education to all trade partners. According to OSHA, falls are the leading cause of death in the construction industry, and in 2016, one-third of these falls were falls from ladders. Most construction accidents can be avoided if we look out for each other, pay attention, and use equipment as it was intended.

At the Stand Down for Safety event, many of our trade partners participated in short bilingual presentations on how to avoid falling accidents, ladder and safety harness use. As our neighborhoods get busier with more new homes being built, like McLean’s Overlake neighborhood, we believe it is important for us to continually look out for our people.

Evans Coghill Homes partnered with Builders Mutual Insurance Company. Builders Mutual continues to be a leader in job site safety training and awareness. Builders Mutual provided lunch for everyone and coordinated all the essential details of the event. Thank you, Builders Mutual, for being a key partner of Evans Coghill Homes. And thank you to our trade partner family for your great work. We ALWAYS want you going home safely.

More information about Stand Down for Safety:

The National Fall Prevention Safety Stand-Down was conceived by OSHA in 2014 as part of the National Falls Campaign to raise awareness surrounding the severity of fall hazards in construction and the importance of preventing them. In a construction setting, the term “safety stand-down” is used to describe a wide variety of activities where normal work is paused and the entire site focuses on a particular safety issue. While some employers may use stand-downs to call attention to specific hazards present on their site as an intervention, the Campaign has adopted the use of the stand-down to draw attention to fall hazards in a nation-wide weeklong event.  It’s an opportunity for employers to pause work and have a conversation with workers about fall hazards, protective methods, and the company’s safety policies, goals and expectations.

Evans Coghill Homes is a Charlotte, NC new home builder, building new homes in Cheval, McLean, Belmont, NC and Nims Village, Springfield, and Ft Mill, SC. For information on these new home communities and our available homes, visit www.EvansCoghill.com.


New Year Resolutions for Your Home

Categories: Good Info to Know, Homeowner Tips | Posted: January 5, 2018 | Comments Off on New Year Resolutions for Your Home

Setting New Year goals for yourself may be easier than setting them for your whole household. Whether it’s trying a new design trend or making sure family dinners happen once a week, here are some good ideas for a bright 2018!

  • Create goals that are reasonable. Instead of resolving to do something you don’t like or that may be too ambitious, try setting goals that are doable. It’s easier to reach your target if you actually make it reachable! And you’ll love that feeling of accomplishment.
  • Get organized. Now is the perfect time to de-clutter your drawers and desk. Sort paperwork, bills, mementos and mail. Clean out the closets – and see how much space you have. Invest in a closet organization system.
  • Automate it. Whether you’re trying to lower the heating bills or find time to exercise consistently, automation is the key. Automated thermostats. Automated bill paying. Automatic reminders. It’s easier to develop and stick to new habits with a little help from technology.
  • Take a risk. Nothing too crazy, just something outside your comfort zone. Always wanted to learn rock-climbing? Do it! Wondering what ultra-violet would look like in the family room? Do it! You’ll never know if you don’t try!
  • Start – and finish – a project. Whether it’s a DIY project, a redecorating scheme or a larger renovation, break it into steps so it doesn’t seem overwhelming. Create a rough schedule and try to check off parts of the project in increments. It may take a while, but eventually you’ll get it done.
  • Slow down. Take the time to sit down and eat as a family. Savor a meal instead of rushing around and grabbing fast food. Schedule movie or game nights. Un-schedule yourself from too many obligations. Say no.
  • Create a comfortable bedroom. Basic but necessary. Stop using your bedroom as an office/play room/library/laundry sorting facility. Make it a quiet, comfortable space where you can collapse and recharge at the end of the day.

  • Love your home and your life, imperfections included. Appreciate the warmth and shelter your home provides. Take note of the thoughtful little things your spouse does. Enjoy watching your kids play together. Be grateful for your home, your family, and your health – and let the other stuff go.





Evans Coghill Homes is a new home builder in the Charlotte, NC area, building new homes in RiverwalkSpringfield, and McLean.  For more information, please visit www.EvansCoghill.com.

Is It Time To Ditch The Dining Room?

Categories: Design Tips, Floor plans, Good Info to Know, Homeowner Tips, Interior Design Thoughts, Tips | Posted: January 30, 2017 | Comments Off on Is It Time To Ditch The Dining Room?

Home designs tend to reflect changes in the way we live. Over the years, homes have gotten larger and more open. In fact, most newer homes have a much more informal feel than homes built just a decade or two ago.

And thanks to packed schedules, modern families have more casual lifestyles. They definitely don’t have formal, sit-down dinners every night in the dining room. (They likely don’t have a sit-down dinner at all!) So, another one of the recent changes is the removal of a formal dining room from floor plans.

At Evans Coghill, we’ve designed several of our plans to have no formal dining rooms – The River Birch, River Bend, Crepe Myrtle, River Crossing, and River Cottage. These homes have open floor plans, with combination great room/kitchen/dining area layouts – ideal for both entertaining and busy everyday lives.

A recent article on HomeAdvisor talked about the trend for “ditching the dining room” even in older homes. It mentions how people are renovating older homes and converting their dining rooms into super-sized kitchens or open living spaces.

Are you a dining room traditionalist? Would your home feel incomplete without a dining room? Or are you a flex space lover, glad to have as much open usable space as possible? Either way, Evans Coghill has you covered! Come see our homes for yourself!

We were named Builder of the Year in 2016. Our homeowners have continued to give us positive reviews and survey results. Read more about what they have to say here.  Evans Coghill Homes builds new homes in RiverwalkSpringfield, Cotswold, Cheval and Southpark.

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