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“This Old House” Films in Baxter Village

Categories: Good Info to Know, Green Building | Posted: February 23, 2013 | Comments Off on “This Old House” Films in Baxter Village

Mark and Cindy Slafka are enjoying life in Baxter Village in one of our most popular home plans, the Mayberry. This past week an interest of theirs, “This Old House”,  came to their home. Although they don’t come close to having an old house, the Slafkas were the recipients of a great upgrade to their home – a steam humidifier. A humidifier can really make a difference in home comfort during the drier winter months. Read more about how idea they had became a reality. It is a great story.

Read more here.

Does a Little Foam Really Matter?

Categories: Green Building | Posted: May 7, 2012 | Comments Off on Does a Little Foam Really Matter?


A small amount o foam insulation adds up to 2 sf of wall insulation that saves you money.

I was in one of our Springfield homes under construction the recently.  I watched as an installer from Austin Insulating went from outlet to outlet spraying a small amount of foam behind each one. Seems like a small thing but I thought you would appreciate how big this can be and why we do it.

When an outlet is on an exterior wall of your home, we are left with approximately 3/4″ of gap between the back of the box and the exterior wall sheathing. Left alone this gap would not be insulated. Current South Carolina building code does not require any special insulation of this area. In fact for years, it has been largely accepted as an uninsulated part of  the home. The gap is too small for fiberglass insulation to be effective so it is typically just left empty. The problem with this is that creates a cold spot and potential energy leak for your home. Consider, if there are 20 outlets on the exterior walls of your home and each one did not have any insulation behind it. It would be equivilant to having 2 square feet of uninsulated wall in your home. Would you accept that?

Building code does not requre this special foam. We believe it is worth it as it adds to the comfort and energy savings of your home. Remember all of our homes come with an Environments for Living guarantee.


Catch “Going Green” Online

Categories: Green Building | Posted: April 30, 2010 | Comments Off on Catch “Going Green” Online

WBTV recently ran a locally produced show on things you can do to  Go Green. It was a great production with several suggestions from saving water to building a green home. Some of the ideas can be done right now with no real expense.

Our own Forrest Ranson, had a segment on the show covering some aspects of green building. One of our home owners was, also, included in front of their own very green home.

Take  look at the show on WBTV’s website. Go to segment #7 to see his part. Let us know what you think.

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