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Seeing is Believing – Antique Brass is here.

Categories: Designing with Jai, Interior Design Thoughts, International Builder Show | Posted: March 7, 2014 | Comments Off on Seeing is Believing – Antique Brass is here.

So if you were alive in the 70’s and 80’s, there is no way you could forget the love of all things BRASS in home decor!

Those decades are near and dear to some and crazily off-putting to others.  It seems once you live through a trend, seeing it evolve again takes you right back to where you were when you encountered it the first time.  Good or bad, objects can evoke memories.  As a designer,  I find  the shiny gold metal warm, interestingly creative and easy to mix into an eclectic vignette.

Kohler is always leading the trend of finishes. Look at this great new finish for the bath. You are going to see more of this finish!

Kohler is always leading the trend of finishes. Look at this great new finish for the bath. This exciting new look is coming strong and you are going to love it!

Matchy is not my style.  I prefer layered  and richly blended decors that have evolved over time, been collected through travel and experiences, and reflect the personality of those living within.

If you follow Pinterest, read shelter magazines online or (gasp!) in print…you have been exposed to the return of “gold!”

Oh yes!  It is beyond time to balance the oil-rubbed bronze and satin nickel finishes with a little warmth!  While the freshness of Restoration Hardware, helped us  to see Chrome as spa-like and charming, today the internet is reminding us that vintage brass has a place in the 21st century too!

Having just returned from the International Builders Show in Las Vegas, where 75,000 home builders, remodelers, and designers were exploring the “new and newer”  we were thrown back to “Thursday” and re-introduced to the gold of our youth in a surprising re-run!

My friends, embrace it!  It is everywhere and oh, so cool!  Dubbed Aged Bronze… antique brass or warm gold, I couldn’t get enough of the great new light fixtures, faucets and hardware in these old/new finishes.   All the big vendors were showcasing  this return to the beloved metal. Kohler did an excellent job showing the finish in an entire line up of faucets.

I know many of you are just embracing brushed nickel having FINALLY gotten the brass changed over…and NOW here we go again.  The lesson here is trends are fickle.  In one minute and out the next, which takes me right back around to WHY I embrace the highly complicated eclectic style of being YOU and creating a home that displays things that bring you pleasure.

To me, gold metal is not so much about luxury but standing the test of time.  Appreciation for beauty, warmth, and value…mixing and blending until the objects you share with family and friends are sharing a piece of yourself.

Not too long ago, I referenced the 80’s like it was yesterday.  (feels like that some days…)  My young adult children were quick to point out 30+ years have lapsed.  However, isn’t it always the best that cycles back around to be experienced again and evoke great memories of classic “good stuff!”

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