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A New Versus Used Home – Make Yourself COMFORTABLE!

Categories: New Homes vs Old Homes | Posted: December 4, 2015 | Comments Off on A New Versus Used Home – Make Yourself COMFORTABLE!


Comfort – we all seek it. Whether it is conscious or not, the search for comfort drives a lot of what we do every day; the clothes we buy, the shoes we wear, the car we drive, our favorite spot on the sofa… Comfort even drives our investment decisions; low risk – high risk, what are we comfortable with? Because after all, we want to be comfortable in our retirement years, right?

Often, however, comfort is overlooked when it comes to making the biggest investment decision of our lives, our next home. We all know the three most important things about real estate; location, location, location! But once you’ve made the wise location decision, you still have to LIVE in the house, right? So why not be comfortable doing so?

The home I grew up in, built in the 1960’s, was in a great location; then, and now. Unfortunately it wasn’t always comfortable. I vividly remember being a child in that house and struggling to go to sleep in the heat of the Summer. We had air-conditioning, but it was a two-story house, and there was only one air system, which was common back in the day. Zoned systems were not in use yet, so it was a constant struggle to get the upstairs comfortable for sleeping during the dog days of summer. Adding to the problem was the lack of other advanced building techniques we use in today’s new homes. And yet we would close the bedroom doors in an already stuffy upstairs and wonder why we couldn’t get comfortable in the still, hot air!

Today’s new homes are constructed differently, though. We use multiple HVAC systems and zone controls for more temperature consistency, advanced insulation techniques, air-sealing and energy efficient windows with low-e glass to keep out the summer heat, and jumper ducts to ensure good air-flow, even when the bedroom doors are closed. In fact, as an Environments for Living home builder, our homes are guaranteed to be comfortable, as well as highly energy efficient!

So, when you are faced with choosing your next home, by all means, choose location. But choose a brand-new construction home, and you can have the benefit of comfort, in the location of your choice. So go ahead, make yourself comfortable!

Forrest Ranson, New Home Specialist


Springfield, Cheval, River Run, Plaza Midwood, Cotswold

Evans Coghill Homes is a new home builder in the Charlotte, NC area building new homes in River Run, Springfield, Riverwalk, andCheval.  For more information, visit www.evanscoghill.com.

Evans Coghill featured in Builder magazine!

Categories: New Homes in Charlotte, New Homes vs Old Homes, New Ideas For New Homes | Posted: February 10, 2015 | Comments Off on Evans Coghill featured in Builder magazine!

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 11.39.13 AM

Evans Coghill Homes got some buzz when our chief marketing officer, Alan Banks, was interviewed for a story about media & marketing in February’s issue of Builder magazine.  (Click here to read the full story!)

The story discusses how a builder knowing who their buyers are affects both the media and the message they choose to promote their homes. For example, Alan talked about how he thought the demographic for our RiverWalk community was young buyers, so he was sure that the print ads Evans Coghill was running were having no effect on sales. Until some baby boomers walked into the sales office holding the print ads. Turns out, the older demographic was interested in RiverWalk – and they were reading the paper! So, Alan acknowledges, he will be expanding and re-mixing our media use in order to cover the wider demographic that Evans Coghill attracts.

The story also explores how Evans Coghill competes against re-sales by promoting the benefits of a new home as opposed to an older one. It also mentions how personalized customer service and the local real estate agents are a big part of Evans Coghill’s success.

Located in Charlotte, North Carolina, Evans Coghill Homes was formed in 2001 by Chris Folk and Alan Banks. Dedicated to building with integrity, passion and excellence, they have become one of the most respected homebuilders in the region. Evans Coghill builds new homes and communities in Charlotte, Mint Hill, Rock Hill, Fort Mill and Davidson, as well as infill neighborhoods in and around Uptown Charlotte.

Evans Coghill Homes is a new home builder in the Charlotte, NC area building new homes in Riverwalk, Springfield or Cheval, and River Run.  For more information, please visit www.evanscoghill.com.

New Vs Old Homes – There is No Place Like Home

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(This is the last in a series on new homes vs. used or existing homes. The differences often are obvious but there are some other things you might want to consider.  Like, in this case, how a new neighborhood often is built around a common theme, activity, lifestyle. It is the difference between Living and Staying home.)

Riverwalk is on the Catawba River and has kayaking

Just a short walk from your front door is kayaking in Riverwalk – That’s Living.

When is a house not a home?  When you just stay there instead of live there. 

What’s the difference?  Often it’s the difference between a random older house on some random street, and a New Construction Home often in a master-planned community, built with Lifestyle in mind.  Random streets and houses are fine, they serve a purpose, but they often don’t provide a true “lifestyle” that can be found in newer communities.  The design of the house itself has a lot to do with whether you “stay” there or “Live” there too.  So what do we mean by “lifestyle” when it comes to where you live?

Lifestyle is…  A community; geared towards people getting to know each other. Some older neighborhoods have a great sense of community; some, not so much. One of our recent newer communities comes to mind; Baxter Village. The community was designed with a town-center, to give it the old-fashioned kind of feeling.  The architectural design incorporated front porches close to sidewalks, perfect for chatting with your neighbor as they walked their dog.  All designed around enjoying life, at home!  Interestingly, one of our older communities, Plaza-Midwood, has the same front-porch lifestyle.  But not all older communities do!

New home open floor plansLifestyle is…  Activity One or our newest communities, Riverwalk, is built around an active outdoor lifestyle.  There are miles of hiking trails, a canoe/kayak launch into the Catawba River from the community’s River District, a velodrome for bike races, a world class BMX track and more. How many places can you live where you can come home from work, park your car in the garage, and in minutes be on your mountain bike riding a trail, right there in the neighborhood?  That’s Living!


New home neighborhood Cheval is an equestrian community

Enjoy Living and sharing common interest with your neighbors. Cheval is Charlotte’s premier equestrian community.

Lifestyle is… Sharing common interests Our newest master-planned community is called Cheval. It is an equestrian community in Mint Hill.  The community trails are great, the land is beautiful, and the equestrian center is stunning.  If you love the natural beauty of the land, love being outdoors, and love the equestrian lifestyle, what better way to live, than in a community built specifically around that lifestyle!

Lifestyle is…   A home plan.  Is your home designed around how your family lives, today.  Open layouts encourage family interaction.  Outdoor living spaces provide a way to bring the outside in, so you can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors and the seasons more often, as a family.  Kitchens that are the center of activity, so you can enjoy together time, at meal-time, and beyond.

So, next time you are in the market for a new house, whether you prefer master-planned communites or older neighborhoods, why not consider seeking more than just a place to hang your hat.  Consider the Lifestyle advantages of New Construction, and enjoy Living, at Home!


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(Evans Coghill builds new homes that are well designed for today’s families. How do we do that? Every home plan we offer is developed by us expressly for our us by us. We have listened to what you want, combined it with our experience, added in a energy efficient construction and created great new, livable home plans for today. Take a look at what we have to offer righ now. Inventory of homes is here.)

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