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Have a Brew-tiful Day at Pearlee and Cille’s Bagel Cafe in Belmont

Categories: Belmont, News | Posted: August 15, 2018 | Comments Off on Have a Brew-tiful Day at Pearlee and Cille’s Bagel Cafe in Belmont

In Belmont, where gracious living is our way of life, the only thing better than a hot cup of coffee and a delicious meal is being able to share these simple pleasures with family and friends. In 2017, Pearlee and Cille’s redefined the meaning of “one stop shop” — not only do they serve coffee drinks, ice cream, and other treats, they provide a place for families to slow down and spend time together.

In the backyard of this charming little cafe, which was once the home of the late and beloved Belmont mayor Kevin Loftin, an expansive play area lets children run around and have fun. Here, parents and grandparents gather to mingle, enjoy their food and drinks, and take the time to enjoy their loved ones. It’s truly a hometown treasure!

How it All Came to Be

Although Pearlee and Cille’s opened its doors in February 2017, its story began many years earlier. Growing up, Kevin Loftin, Belmont’s mayor, and his second cousin, Tom Weathers, were often referred to as brothers due to their close relationship. After Kevin tragically died in a car accident in 2012, it was no surprise that he left the now-home of Pearlee and Cille’s to his cousin Tom to either live in or turn into something special. Tom’s choice was to turn this home into a place for Belmont residents to gather and talk to new people. He knew that coffee was the perfect avenue to good conversation and cheer, and decided on a name that reflects family; Pearlee is his great aunt, and Lucille is his grandmother.

Kevin and Tom had very similar ideals. Kevin embodied the values of family and friendship that is so important to Belmont, and Tom continues to carry on this legacy today. Belmont residents come together in this wonderful bagel shop, enjoy tasty treats, and preserve the graciousness that makes Belmont so special.

A place for adults to recharge and children to play, Pearlee and Cille’s is a perfect afternoon or weekend destination. As some things change quickly in the Charlotte area, others tend to stay the same. Hospitality, friends, love, and warmth have always been staples of this small community, and they always will be. What matters most is that it’s not about the dollar, but about everyone coming together.

Stop in and Say Hello

Today, visitors are encouraged to visit the bagel shop to enjoy standard delicacies, as well as a mini donut machine, Hershey’s ice cream, and more! The fenced backyard includes a 1,100-square foot patio with a fireplace, along with volleyball, a swing set, teeter totters, music, and more. A full kitchen provides breakfast, lunch, and dinner, which you can also enjoy with beer or wine. A local business in every sense, many people say that coming to Pearlee and Cille’s is like “being at grandma’s house, getting a treat, and sitting around talking.”

Enjoy hometown hospitality, spend time with your family, and connect with the residents from your town in a way that you never have before. This sentiment is even sweeter when you can go home to a spacious, comfortable Evans Coghill home in McLean, offering the privacy of a beautiful, peaceful community, as well as the camaraderie of a gracious small town.

For more information on living in the Overlake section of McLean, please visit our website, or contact our New Home Specialist Kendell Burruss at 704-899-4995.

Evans Coghill Homes is a Charlotte, NC new home builder, building new homes in Cheval, McLean, Belmont, NC and Nims Village, and Nims Village Ft Mill, SC. For information on these new home communities and our available homes, visit www.EvansCoghill.com.

Evans Coghill CMO Earns MIRM Designation

Categories: Awards, News | Posted: February 27, 2017 | Comments Off on Evans Coghill CMO Earns MIRM Designation

Chief Construction Officer, Chris Folk (left) with Chief Marketing Officer, Alan Banks.

Evans Coghill Homes is thrilled to announce that our Chief Marketing Officer, Alan Banks, has been inducted as a Master in Residential Marketing (MIRM) by the National Association of Home Builders.

Alan earned his MIRM designation through a combination of professional education and experience in the real estate field. Alan has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Tech, and has been working in the home building industry for 31 years. After operating a successful publishing business anchored in the industry, he co-founded Evans Coghill Homes with Chris Folk in 2001.

Chris Folk, the Chief Construction Officer of Evans Coghill Homes, said he is proud but not surprised by Alan’s achievement. “Alan’s quest for education and desire for professionalism is well-known throughout the Charlotte area,” said Chris. “And, of course, Evans Coghill Homes fully supports his commitment to that quest.”

Alan & Chris’s dedication to quality and proficiency are well represented throughout the company they created. With a team of remarkably skilled professionals at their side, they work constantly to create the best experience for our homebuyers. At Evans Coghill, we are careful to protect the environment, and prioritize designing home plans in communities that fit our company’s style and culture. These ideals have helped make Evans Coghill one of the most respected homebuilders in the region.

The Institute of Residential Marketing (IRM) is a professional organization under the auspices of the National Association of Home Builders. Its purpose is to recognize and promote professionalism, education and ethics in new home sales and marketing. The Master in Residential Marketing (MIRM) is the highest level of new home sales education, requiring years of industry experience, serious coursework requirements, and a one-of-a-kind successful case study to complete the designation.

For additional information about the Master in Residential Marketing program, visit www.nahb.org. For more about Evans Coghill Homes, visit EvansCoghill.com.

We were named Builder of the Year in 2016. Our homeowners have continued to give us positive reviews and survey results. Read more about what they have to say here.  Evans Coghill Homes builds new homes in RiverwalkSpringfield, Ft Mill, Cheval and SouthPark.

Join Us at Food Truck Fridays in Charlotte!

Categories: News | Posted: October 6, 2016 | Comments Off on Join Us at Food Truck Fridays in Charlotte!

food-truck-fridaySummer may have ended, but in our community, the family fun is far from over! No matter how hectic the school year may be, every weekend, the whole family can look forward to Food Truck Friday!

The Light Factory in Plaza-Midwood is the place to be every Friday night as dozens of food trucks park along Central Ave to serve hundreds, if not thousands, of food-lovers. From lobster mac and cheese to avocado burgers, ice cream and more, there’s something everyone will love. Even if you’re not that hungry, come out and enjoy live music while you mix and mingle with people in the neighborhood.

As if we needed another reason to love living here, these trucks are just a sample of the delicious cuisine that’s available on the streets of Charlotte every day. But for four hours each Friday, they’re all in one place for you to get a real taste of what the local food is all about.4031426_orig

Such large turnouts have helped Food Truck Friday become one of the biggest parties in Charlotte, as friends, couples, and multiple generations of family members all come to shake off a long week and enjoy the night out! For four years, the event has showcased Charlotte’s creative food offerings and family-friendly lifestyle.

Evans Coghill is proud to build our homes in such a close-knit community and love everything Charlotte has to offer our homeowners! We’ll see you next Friday!

For more information on Food Truck Friday, check out the event website.

We were named Builder of the Year in 2016. Our homeowners have continued to give us positive reviews and survey results. Read more about what they have to say here.  Evans Coghill Homes builds new homes in Riverwalk, Springfield, Cotswold, Cheval and Southpark.

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