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The Carolina Thread Trail in Gaston County

Categories: Tips | Posted: October 4, 2018 | Comments Off on The Carolina Thread Trail in Gaston County

One of the best parts of living at McLean in Belmont is its Gaston County location. We are surrounded by natural beauty and tons of recreational opportunities. A particular favorite here at Evans Coghill Homes is The Carolina Thread Trail. This geographic wonder is awesome and fun – and so close by!  

  • Launched in 2007, The Carolina Thread Trail is a regional network of trails that connect 2.9 million people in 15 counties in North and South Carolina. Locally, hiking in gaston countythere are several trails, greenways, connectors and blueways.
  • The Thread Trail connects people and communities to nature and each other via 1,610 miles of trails, greenways and blueways. Visitors can walk, hike, run, bike, paddle or horseback ride their way along the trails.
  • Nearly 30,000 acres of open space are protected across the 270 miles of completed trails in the network. This helps to preserve habitat for many plants, insects and animals that are important and unique to this region.
  • The name, Carolina Thread Trail, is rooted in the region’s textile heritage. The intricate network of trails weaves together people, communities and nature into one tapestry.
  • The Thread Trail is a free, accessible community asset. It offers opportunities for recreation and exercise to everyone. It also provides a safe place for people to experience a sense of community and create stronger social ties.
  • The network includes both pre-existing trails and greenways, as well as future routes that will link trails together. New trails are constantly being built to expand the network and connect existing segments.
  • The Carolina Thread Trail is good for the environment. Greenways and trails restore natural corridors within densely populated regions, and preserve them in areas soon to be developed. This is particularly important in a rapidly growing area like the Charlotte region.

In an Evans Coghill home at McLean, you always have the opportunity to discover something new, like The Carolina Thread Trail. For more information about our homes and communities, please visit our website or give us a call at 803.720.9612.

Evans Coghill Homes is a Charlotte, NC new home builder, building new homes in Cheval, McLean, Belmont, NC and Nims Village, and Nims Village Ft Mill, SC. For information on these new home communities and our available homes, visit www.EvansCoghill.com.

Top 5 Weekend Activities in Belmont, NC

Categories: Tips | Posted: June 5, 2018 | Comments Off on Top 5 Weekend Activities in Belmont, NC

For over a decade, we’ve built our expertly-crafted homes with the utmost care so that every homeowner feels comfort and leisure everyday. Part of what makes our well-designed, functional homes so incredible are the towns we build in — after all, where you live is where you make your greatest memories.

In Belmont, one of the most charming areas of North Carolina, and one of our newest locations, homeowners have endless opportunities to turn weekends into memorable adventures. Our goal is to bring gracious living to this wonderful community, which means sweet tea, knowing your neighbors by name, and a pace of life that is just right. Take a look at our top 5 list of weekend activities in the Belmont area that will make you feel right at home.

Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden

Nature lovers, rejoice! The Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden is the quintessential spot to stop and unwind in scenic Belmont. A garden “for all seasons,” this natural oasis is nestled along the gorgeous Lake Wylie and is filled with gardens, fountains, a nature trail, and so much more. Come by for the chance to relax and immerse yourself in nature.

Muddy River Distillery

If you enjoy a good glass of rum, Muddy River Distillery is the place for you. Located along the Catawba River, this authentic rum manufacturer was built from passionate people on a mission. Muddy River Distillery offer tours and tastings for residents to discover just how incredible their hand-crafted product is. Head down for a fun behind-the-scenes look into NC’s greatest rum!

 Carolina Thread Trail

Spanning over 260 miles of trails and 170 miles of blueway, the Carolina Thread Trail truly weaves communities together! Explore the sheer beauty of North Carolina by foot or on the water. A place made to preserve nature, this incredible attraction is one that pulls at your heart strings and makes you long for home when you’re away.

Belmont Historic District

Our charming town is no stranger to history; first settled in the 1750’s, Belmont was named for “Beautiful Mountain” in 1833. In the Belmont Historic District, residents have the chance to enjoy fine dining, shopping, and local entertainment in the most quaint of settings. Come by and stick around for one of our many festivals and events!

Friday Night Live

In the summer, downtown Belmont turns into the greatest outdoor concert venue around. Head down to Main Street for Friday Night Live, a concert series that brings together large crowds from all over. Enjoy live music, food, and drinks with your friends or family — this event is open to all! Experience the pride of Belmont in the summer sun with those you love.

Living in Belmont means living in a town that’s geared toward family, tradition, and recreation of all kinds. Gracious living if you will. Each day presents opportunities to create memories that’ll last indefinitely. There’s a reason why homeowners are so happy here — come see for yourself!

For more information on living in Belmont, visit our new model home in the Overlake section at McLean, located right in the heart of Belmont. Kendell Burruss, our Neighborhood Specialist, will guide you through your new home journey from start to finish. Visit our website for more details or call Kendell at 704-334-6789. We look forward to meeting you soon!

Evans Coghill Homes is a Charlotte, NC new home builder, building new homes in Cheval, McLean, Belmont, NC and Nims Village, and Nims Village Ft Mill, SC. For information on these new home communities and our available homes, visit www.EvansCoghill.com.

Increased Loan Limits Are Great For Buyers and Builders!

Categories: Financing, New Homes in Charlotte, Tips | Posted: April 2, 2018 | Comments Off on Increased Loan Limits Are Great For Buyers and Builders!

New Home

The Housing and Economic Recovery Act (HERA) of 2008 requires that the baseline conforming loan limit be adjusted each year to reflect the change in the average U.S. home price. To keep up with soaring home prices, the 2018 FHFA limits on home loans have risen considerably (6.8%!), with standard mortgage limits increasing to $453,100 in most parts of the country, and FHA mortgage limits having a $294,515 maximum for single-family homes. (More information can be found in a recent article by Professional Warranty Service Corporation.)

For home buyers, the increase means no more restrictive and expensive jumbo loans. It also means more first-time buyers will be able to purchase homes with as little as 3.5 percent down. “These loan limit increases can help buyers save money when getting a mortgage, improving the opportunity for everyone, especially first-time home buyers, to get into that new home,” says Forbes contributor Christina Boyle, senior vice president and head of Single-Family Sales and Relationship Management for Freddie Mac.

For home builders, like Evans Coghill Homes, the hike in loan limits opens up a wider potential customer base as more prospective buyers are able to qualify for affordable loans. For example, buyers will be able to:

  • Afford a newly built home. The new lending limits are likely to entice more buyers to enter the market — and make newly built homes affordable for more people. View our available homes to find a newly built home perfect for you!
  • Purchase larger homes. The new lending limits give qualifying buyers up to $30,000 worth of extra breathing room. As a result, buyers may be able to purchase larger homes in more expensive neighborhoods. We’re thinking homes in our Cheval and Springfield neighborhoods! 
  • Qualify more easily. Higher mortgage limits will make it easier for buyers to qualify for a home loan. Compared to jumbo loans, a standard mortgage offers less stringent credit requirements, lower down payment options, and lower debt-to-income requirements.
  • Put less money down. First-time buyers often rely on FHA loans to afford a home since the lower credit requirements and minimum down payment help remove some of the barriers to homeownership. With higher loan limits, first-time buyers can buy pricier homes while still qualifying for an FHA loan.New Home Living Room
  • Save thousands of dollars. Jumbo loans often have higher interest rates and closing costs than traditional mortgages. The ability to finance a home without a jumbo mortgage can save buyers thousands of dollars over the life of the loan.

The rise in loan limits makes home ownership more affordable for more people, and doesn’t everyone deserve the American dream of owning a home? Evans Coghill Homes supports homeownership and would be honored to make that dream come true for you.

Evans Coghill Homes is a Charlotte, NC new home builder, building new homes in Cheval, McLean, Belmont, NC and Nims Village, Riverwalk, Springfield, and Ft Mill, SC. For information on these new home communities and our available homes, visit www.EvansCoghill.com.

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