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(All email addresses are @evanscoghill.com)

Alan Banks Evans Coghill Homes owner

Alan Banks, MIRM 

President (abanks)

Has walked on Great Wall of China, Went skydiving and SCUBA Diving (the last two he did because his kids were turning 18), 2018 NC Home Builders Association President, State Representative to National Assocation of Home Builders, Va Tech Mechanical Engineer

Hometown: Greensboro, NC but have been in Charlotte since middle school

Why I Like home building? Our industry builds safe places for dads to read books to his little girl, to celebrate report cards, blow out birthday candles with grandma, bandage skinned knees and help kids grow up. No other industry has this responsbility and I am glad to be part of it!



Paul Stanger 

New Home Specialist - McLean (pstanger) 704.899.4995

We are a dauchsand family, love learning about Christian theology and I am a Mechanical Engineer

Hometown: St Paul, MN (I don't miss my snowblower)

Why I Like home building?  I love the satisfaction of sharing the home buyer’s excitement when they get to take delivery of the home that was built just for them. 


 Cathie Campbell

New Home Specialist - Nims Village (ccampbell) 704.559-9534



 Taylor Bennett, Accredited Builder

Project Manager (tbennett)